Jess (jjoycej) wrote in textbooks,

Textbooks for sale

right now i am selling the following books on amazon:

Understanding Movies -12th Edition
Giannetti, Louis
Used - Very Good

What Every Student Should Know About Avoiding Plagiarism
Stern, Linda
Used - Like New

Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences -7th Edition
Howell, David C.
Used - Like New

Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences
Gravetter, Frederick J and Forzano, Lori-Ann B.
Used - Like New

soon i will pst my a second copy of Fundamental Statistics that will be at a lower cost (~$50) due to minor highlighting (in the first few chapters). you can see what i have posted and order from my seller account here .

i still have a lot of books to buy for the fall so i can't really change prices sadly.
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